In October Lukas, Salome, (baby Elyas not seen here) and Dan Swinton, the Producer for PBS met in New York and traveled to Boston for a series of shoots with friends, family and colleagues of Tom Little. The team had never met face to face before outside of Skype. Perhaps one of the most exciting things happening to the film and television industry today is that networking and collaboration are not limited by traditional methods. The internet has made it possible for talented people a continent away to develop a great working relationship before they ever say “Lights, camera, action!” together.
There were still some questions when we got together about whether or not this was going to work, but as you can see from the promo we were able to put together that we are in good shape to finish this project.


The Hard Places - Production Photos 4
Salome with the DSLRs

The Hard Places - Production Photos 6
Dan (left) and Lukas (center) interview Cliff Scott of NECO (New England College of Optometry).

The Hard Places - Production Photos 7
And here you get our perspective on the interview process

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  1. I just made a donation to get a copy of the DVD and a digital download. Does this include the licensing for a public showing in a church?

    Rev. Adam Barton

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